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Recommended Gas limit:

210 000

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Next Goal:

294720 USD

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300 000USD

What is Solar DAO

1. Solar DAO — investment fund on Ethereum blockchain

Designed to reduce risks, costs and surpass technical barriers
of investing in PV solar plants across the globe.

2. Solar DAO developing a new financial tool

That empowers users to easily, anonymously and safely subsidize
the construction of PV solar plants on a global scale, circumventing
the costs of intermediaries, arranging deals and eradicating technical
and other barriers.

3. Main goal is to build solar parks worldwide and expand their total capacity

With the profits from the initially constructed plants, we intend to expand
PV plants, increasing their capacity and total Project's profit.


ROI maximizing

As the large solar plants funded by many investors all together it helps to share development cost and achieve the greatest ROI for everyone

Shareholder Register on the blockchain

Kept inside the smart contract and vests authentic shareholder rights.

Shareholders voting

Each shareholder's vote directly affects project development and management.

Smart contracts

Enable automatic dividend redistribution in accordance with participant shares.

Totally anonymous

No personal information of any kind will be recorded. Blockchain stores only public keys of shareholders' wallet

Extremely secure

Blockchain cannot be hacked

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Consulting with
blockchain experts

Implementation solution study

White paper development


White Paper revealed

Market feedback

ICO development


Pre-ICO crowdsale


Holding structure establishment

Smart contracts development

PV plant purchasing (test purpose)


Dividends payment tests

Deploy smart contracts

Voting tests


Core ICO crowdsale


Token distribution

Token sale on crypto exchanges

Token payback from Early Birds (optional)

The scheme of working solar station.

A. Solar modules

Convert solar light to electricity (DC) due to photo effect. Solar modules are connected in series with voltage up to 1500V.

B. Inverter system

Collect energy from solar panels, convert DC to AC and inject electricity to the grid. Inverters is the "brain" of PV solar plant. They help to control and monitor entire generator.

C. Central grid

Receives energy from solar plant. The electricity is then sold to the grid with feed-In tariffs during next 20-25 years.

Read the White Paper

Everything you want to know about Solar DAO in one PDF. From idea in 2012 till the full concept in 2017.

Download White Paper (.pdf)
  • Photovoltaic (solar) Market

    Total power capacity of Solar Power Plants worldwide has increased from 1.4 GW up to 237.3 GW from 2000 to 2015. That is an increase of 170x over 16 years!

    With this increase in power, construction cost was reduced from $5000 kW to $700 per kW an almost 4.5x decrease in cost.

    As a result, the solar market has seen exponential growth each year and the trend is expected to rapidly continue.

  • Profitability Growth

    According to the forecast from International Energy Agency, total PV solar plants capacity will produce up to 25% of the world's electrical power by 2050.

    We are planning to expand solar plants capacity in average 4 times each year. The more PVS we install, the more profit for Solar DAO and the more dividends for Project's shareholders.

    Shares will be sold in tokens. Each token represents the value of Solar DAO and reflects the value of dividends.

  • Investing in Material Asset

    Once in operation, solar power plants self-sustain profitability for over 25+ years. Better yet, investments are a one-time expense, only required at the beginning stage of the construction process

ICO Details

Token symbol
ICO duration
Preliminary ICO:
27 July 2017 — 31 August 2017
Total supply
80M tokens
Initial price per token
What is Solar DAO token

Provides membership in Solar DAO. Grants access to 100% of fund profits provided by solar plants across the globe. Executed by an Ethereum smart contract.


Undistributed tokens will be eliminated through smart contract. Release of additional tokens is closed out.

How to use and hold

Can be stored and sent using Ethereum wallets: Mist or MyEtherWallet.

Bonuses (during Pre-ICO)

Bonuses in %

ICO Structure


  • 75%
    ICO users
  • 23%
    Core Team
  • 2%
    Bounty campaign


  • 85%
    PV solar plants
  • 10%
    Team budget
  • 5%

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